Tu 14.02
Deep Talk with Swami Ananda Tirtha

We are living in dynamic fast-changing times - and it seems as though we are not making enough time for ourselves to slow down and ask deep questions and share meaningful conversations that enrich life. 

We are starting a public event series, called Deep Conversations with Changemakers, where we will dive deep into life topics such as purpose, mindset, education, spirituality, life in Kosovo, and many others. These events will have a guest of honor who we will ask questions and learn from their perspective and life journey. 

Our next guest is a monk named Swami Ananda Tirtha, who is a Bhakti Yogi and meditation teacher. He will be joining us to explore the following questions: 

How is the life of a monk in a materialistic world? 
Where do we find joy and happiness in this dynamic world? 
What is love, and how can we love ourselves? 
How can we have a healthy relationship with technology? 
What is meditation, and how can we benefit from it? 
Other questions that the audience may have.

PS: 14 of February is Saint Valentine and this event is a wonderful opportunity to bring your loved ones and dive deep into meaningful conversations. 

The event will be moderated by Mentor Dida and it will be held in English this time. 

Disclaimer: Our events from time to time will have spiritual leaders from all religions as guests - but we are not a religious organization. We aim to create a series of events that bring together different perspectives so that we can learn and grow together. In Kosovo, we have a long standing tradition in respecting and learning from other religions and cultures.

Th 16.02
“Women of Freedom” (2018)

"Women of Freddom" (2018), a documentary film directed by Lum Çitaku, is a testimony and a chronology of war, resistence and great sacrifice of Kosovo women as a crucial part of Albanians' movement for freedom and independence.

The movie is based on numerous stories by participants in women's political movement, especially the activities and organization of protests in protection of freedom and independence.

It covers fragments from critical moments of women's activities that culminated in massive protests during the years of armed struggle in Kosovo between 1997 - 1998, focused on the massive women protest - March for Drenica with the tagline "Bread for women and children of Drenica".