Dur Gur Mur (2021)

DUR GUR MUR follows a little boy as he wanders around an abandoned train station. Using a surreal and non-linear cinematic language. The director Genc Jakupi explores the relationship between dark heritage and memory, taking his own memories of experiencing deportation to Bllacë during the war in ‘98-99 as a starting point.

This project has been developed as part of the Heritage Space Platform, which is developed by Chwb Kosovo.

Best Actor - Short Movies: Ersin Muhaxheri / Ficimad 2022

Genc Jakupi is an Albanian-American actor. During his teenage years, he moved to New York City from Prishtina, Kosovo and continued his passion for acting and performing by enrolling at the famed Herbert Berghof Studio. While studying there, he became part of the ensemble and took part in many plays like Arthur Miller’s “The American Clock” and Tennessee William‘s “The Long Goodbye”. After his time in New York, he continued his theater education in London, attending courses at Lamda. Then, from 2016, he enrolled at the renowned Paris Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq. Since its creation, the school has educated many well known theater actors from across the world.

After finishing and graduating the intensive 2 year program at Lecoq in 2018, Genc then went back to Kosovo to play the lead character Flamur in the feature film Drita, which had its premiere at the Zurich Film Festival. His next project had him write and direct a short film named DUR GUR MUR which tells a story of a young boy journeying through a train station. The film had its premiere at the Kosovar film festival Dokufest.

Besides the above mentioned projects, Genc has had appearances in feature films for Bleed for This, You Won’t Be Alone, alongside Miles Teller and Noomi Rapace respectively. Genc currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Fr 09.09
Jean-François Pauvros & Jean-Marc Montera (FR) / Four Ways from Sundown
Manifesta 14 ConcertMusic

CONCERT / Jean-François Pauvros & Jean-Marc Montera (FR)

Jean-François Pauvros and Jean-Marc Montera’s performance is a part of Kino ARMATA’s Four Ways from Sundown programme, curated by Sezgin Boynik, Alush Gashi and Vigan Nimani for Manifesta 14 Prishtina, also featuring Felix Kubin, Anna Thew and Sylvain George. Four Ways from Sundown is supported by Foundation Manifesta 13 Marseille.

Jean-François Pauvros is a French musician, electric guitarist and experimental music improviser born in 1947 in Hautmont. He participates in the Mobius group with Gaby Bizien and Philippe Deschepper. The French talent scout Jef Gilson records a first disc of Pauvros with Gaby Bizien in duo whose music is close to British free music. He met Siegfried Kessler with whom he recorded Phoenix 14 in 1978. Jean-François Pauvros recorded in 1985 for the nato discs Le Grand Amour with guitarist Arto Lindsay (ex DNA), singer Ted Milton of the group Blurt and drummer Terry Day; in 1988 was released on the same Hamster Attack label with drummer Julian Fenton, singer Mary Genis and saxophonists Evan Parker and Stan Sulzmann among others.

Jean-Marc Montera is a French guitarist, mainly active in the experimental music scene. Besides being active as a musician, he's also the director of the organisation GRIM, that organises concerts, festivals, workshops and artist in residence projects in Marseille. Montera is active as a player since the 70s and has done collaborations with artists like Fred Frith, André Jaume, Barre Phillips, Yves Robert, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Louis Sclavis, Hifiklub, Michel Doneda.

Fr 04.11
Prishtina Music Conference 2022

PMC II / 4-5 November 2022

We are set on a mission. To develop fresh perspectives on the diversity of the thought process concerning the development of music.

To expand the collective mind on the urban music market in Kosovo, the region and the world. To come to respect sound, and treat it how it deserves.

For this to bear fruit, and as we build the pillars for a bright future with PMC, we would like to remind our audience of a very important building block to our undertaking, out of which we expect this dire change.

Consistency. Consistent in approach. Consistent in delivery. Consistent in demeanor. With the experience of a successful first edition under our belt, combined with some key improvements stemmed from the feedback received from our guests, speakers and panelists, we are pleased and very excited to inform you that PMC will be back for its second edition in November of 2022.

The conference will have the same format as last year, with presentations, panel discussions, exhibitions, workshops, and performances.