Kino ARMATA’s Neo_School education platform is a logical continuation of our years of building a creative base for artists, producers, cultural workers, etc. In 2020, with the help of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Kino ARMATA got equipped with cameras, audio equipment, editing suites, etc., that allowed all Neo_School participants to produce for FREE their films, audio tracks, photo essays, etc. without any additional technical requirement. Lecturers and mentors at Neo_School are local and international leaders in their areas of expertise, ensuring that students receive relevant guidance for developing their ideas and transferring those into the film, sound, photography or other medium.

Neo_School participants in modules spanning from short documentary filmmaking and electronic audio production to documentary photography and experimental & personal film, attend lectures on narration and screenplay development, research and journalism aspects of documentary filmmaking, direction, camera work, editing, audio recording, and other production aspects. During modules participants produce their ideas under the mentoring of Kino ARMATA's staff, including hands-on field work with film and photography cameras, audio equipment, and later with editing suites and music production. The end of the five-week period is marked with the presentation of works and the exchange of experiences from this process.