Free Jazz Explosion

Free Jazz Explosion was a free-jazz-related event held at Kino ARMATA in November 2019, building a dialogue towards collective climax of creativity and communication (or The Pulse) through a fusion of musical elements that defies common music theory. Just as free jazz abandoned harmonic structures to find new forms in polyrhythmic settings, Explosion was a 48-hour exercise in enabling ourselves and the audience to work beyond proven cognitive patterns. To paraphrase vibraphonist and composer Gunter Hampel, it was a search for the momentum when it is just about being the loudest on stage. The event included music and lecture by legendary free jazz improviser Dror Feiler, power free form jazz of Jooklo Duo, improvised music by Brunberg, a lecture on the social history of free jazz music by Sezgin Boynik and Taneli Viitahuhta, as well as screening of Ron Mann's cult film on free jazz "Imagine the Sound" (1981).