ANTONIONI 101 / Italian Cinema Masters

ANTONIONI 101 / Italian Cinema Masters

Kino ARMATA, a public space in Prishtina that promotes alternative culture and social dialogue, has the pleasure of announcing partnership with the Italian Embassy in Kosovo and Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Tirana in bringing to Prishtina and Kosovo audiences some of the most important and relevant works of Italian auteurs.

The films of Michelangelo Antonioni, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Federico Fellini, Bernardo Bertolucci, Roberto Rossellini, etc. will have their regular screenings during '101' programming series at Kino ARMATA. In both academic and colloquial terms, 101 denotes the elementary or basic facts associated with the field or subject specified. During 101, ARMATA becomes a learning ground for the novices and enthusiasts alike, offering fresh insight into some of the most influential movies and filmmakers of our era.

Films from the 'ANTONIONI 101 / Italian Cinema Masters' series will be screened at Kino ARMATA between 25–28 April 2022 and include:

Monday, 25 April, 20:30h
"L'Avventura" (1960), 143 min.

Tuesday, 26 April, 20:30h
"La Notte" (1961), 122 min.

Wednesday, 27 April, 20:30h
"Il Deserto Rosso" (1964), 120 min. 

Thursday, 28 April, 20:30h
"Il Grido" (1957), 116 min.

Michelangelo Antonioni (1912–2007) was an Italian film director, producer, editor, short story writer and screenwriter well-known for his intricately aesthetic and extremely thought-provoking, yet evasive and mostly puzzling films. He concentrated more on representation and design of his enigmatic cinematic productions rather than on the story and characters of the film and favored contemplation instead of action. The most notable work line of this ingenuous filmmaker who “redefined the concept of narrative cinema" and defied the conventional way of storytelling was his trilogy that included the films ‘L'Avventura’, ‘La Notte’ and ‘L'Eclisse’, all of which were made in the early 1960s. His enviable body of work also included films like ‘Story of a Love Affair’, ‘Le Amiche’, ‘Blow-Up’, ‘The Passenger’ and ‘Zabriskie Point’ among others. Cinematic contributions of Antonioni fetched him an honorary ‘Academy Award’ in 1995. Over the years he received the ‘Silver Ribbon’ eight times from the ‘Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists’. He remains one of the three directors who have bagged the ‘Golden Bear’, the ‘Golden Lion’ and the Palme d'Or, and the sole one to have received the ‘Golden Leopard’ along with the three other awards mentioned herein.

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All films will be screened in the original language with Albanian and English subtitles and the entrance is free of charge. Kino ARMATA is supported by Prishtina Municipality and located at Brigada e Kosovës St., behind the amphitheater at the Zahir Pajaziti Square.